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16 – 18 September 2021 Moscow, Sokolniki Contact organizers

Music Education for Today: Traditions and Innovations

September 14, 2019 13.00 - 17.00

Purpose of the Conference 2019


·        to bring together music educators working in the local area to discuss contemporary issues surrounding music education

·        to combine traditional approaches to music education with new trends and methods 

·        to seek synergy and to exchange educational experience in implementation of digital technology in music teaching and learning

Topics 2019


1. The influence of state regulators in education sector 

  • The need for state support of innovative experience;
  • The creation of methodological centers and innovative educational venues;
  • Development of new educational standards;
  • Experience of public-private partnership.

2. Development of classical approaches in music education (formal and non-formal methods in music teaching and learning in Russia and in the rest of the world):

a). The use of new acoustic and electronic digital instruments in the teaching of traditional musical programmes;

b). The reinvented methods of teaching classical music (from transcriptions and paraphrases through instrumentation, transpositions and processing to arrangements and to remakes). Educational goals and artistic results of the interpretation of primary sources across all age groups and abilities;

c). Digitalization of music education (work in audiovisual, multimedia projects, in particular, on the theory and history of music, including the preparation of music teachers for media education lessons, as well as in various music and computer programmes).  

3. Mastering of new types of musical art in the XX-XXI centuries (electronic music, jazz, etc.)

4. Directions of digital transformation of music education

Demand in creation of new music specializations and in a new job trainings. 

5. Interdisciplinary approach to the preparation of educational programmes, taking into account the increased role of integration of arts in education

6. Multi-discipline experts in music education

Music education and music appreciation. Ideas for reform. Modern science and Orff-pedagogy. Acquaintance with the main traditions, forms, styles and genres of the world musical culture. The development of music forms in different communities (religious, sports, youth, school, etc.) 

The post-conference handbook will be published in the Russian professional press and in the Internet channel of the National Library of Science and Technology.

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