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12.00-12.45 Brand Positioning: The Definitive Guide in 2021 Valery Mifodovsky, Associate Partner of Trout & Partners Russia.
13.00-13.45 How to Promote Your Music Independently in 2021 Evgeny Safronov, editor-in-chief of the InterMedia news agency
14.00-14.45 Unique Hacks For Successful Music Promotion on TikTok

Nikolay Plekhanov, founder of the media company NOSTRA BLOGERS & MUSIC 
15.00-15.45 Best Content Marketing Strategy for  Artists Timur Takhautdinov, Development Director of DNK Music
16.00-16.45 How to Build an Artist` Brand with Celebrity Social Media Management
Kirill Didenok, founder of the music publishing house DNK Music and the celebrity agency DIDENOK TEAM
17.00-17.45 Marketing for Artists: Zero Budget Social Media Hacks Nani Eva, jazz singer, participant in the popular Russian TV-shows
18.00-18.45 Self-Guided Tours as the Way of Promotion Konstantin Chertov, General Director of the agency PILOT-PROMO and the resource RUSSHOW.BIZ
12.00-12.45 How to Record EXTREME VOCALS

Vlad Lobanov, owner of the Extreme Vocal School 
13.00-13.45 Four Stage Mixing Method Alexander Tsyplukhin, Director of the Pro Sound Music production center
14.00-14.45 Sound for Moving Pictures Alexey Puzikov, curator of the "Sound Engineering" program at the Moscow Film School.
15.00-15.45 Main Revenue Streams For Artists In 2021
Vladislav Dengin, Deputy Director of DNK Music
16.00-16.45 Summer Music Camps & Programs
Denis Kolesnikov, sound engineer "Vi-Sound" Studio
17.00-17.45 Telling Stories with Soundtracks Yuri Poteeenko, curator of the "Composer in Cinema" program of the Moscow Film School
18.00-18.45 How to Put on Online Concerts and Gigs Andrey Reer, sound engineer with 16-three years of experience

Sergei Zykov, video operator - programmer, conducts online broadcasts at the CSKA stadium
12.00-12.45 Basic Microphone Techniques with Dr. Head Ilya Lukashev, popular sound engineer
13.00-13.45 Understanding Copyright and Related Rights

Tatiana Petrovskaya, founder of the company" EVENT-LAWYERS "
14.00-14.45 ADA - Independent Music Worldwide Service for Artists  Alexander Kasparov, Director of ADA Russia
15.00-15.45 Artist & Label Partnerships Management Tatiana Soda, Concert director and manager of popular Russian bands
16.00-16.45 Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting a Contract Alexander Kondratenko, Director of the legal agency MUZKONTRAKT
17.00-17.45 Promoting Music on Spotify  Mikhail Mazunov, founder of the Rise Up agency, founder of the video blog about the music industry - mishas.tips.