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Musical laboratory MuzzLab

MuzzLab - is a 3-days Forum organized specially for musicians of all levels. Acknowledged industry experts and popular artists will share their experience and trade secrets  on how to become a successful musician.

From idea to release

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What is it?

·         Annual specialized event is specially organized for musicians, music managers, producers, sound engineers and other specialists in the field of music;

·         A 3-days forum dedicated to a full range of services from creating artworks to marketing & PR;

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·         A meeting point for musicians of all levels;

·         Discussions on subjects of topical interest to the sector, an exchange of experiences and ideas.

The daily master-classes and clinics include wide variety of topics. All master-classes are free of charge. Come and learn. Let the world hear your music!

The whole range of services from creating artworks to marketing & PR


Well-known musicians will help you to improve your skills in playing different musical instruments


Experts of the music business will tell you how to create a quality music product and to sell it


Step-by-step instructions on how to promote music through relevant channels

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How to get into the line-up of trendy festivals or on the radio

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What music management and PR is and how to do it properly?


Self-made man: self-producing from A to Z

How it was

Find out all about topics, speakers, and partners of MuzzLab 2018 and 2019

Prolight + Sound NAMM 2021 D2-241

MuzzLab 2021

Here you will find the conference schedule 2021. . The conference was taken place from 16 to 18 September at the Congress Center (Glass Dome Hall).


MuzzLab 2018

The first conference at the exhibition! It was a bright start! 

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MuzzLab 2019

We prepared more master classes for you, invited more interesting speakers, and collected more "hot" topics within the second Musical Laboratory.