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We will tell you how to build your pedalboard

Aug 2, 2018

PedalZoo Company will teach you to master your sound with the help of sound effects and pedalboards at their master classes at the Moscow show. 

Come into the conference hall 2 (pavilion 7a,  2d floor) on Saturday, September 15, from 12 pm till 2 pm

Find more information about PedalZoo here.

How to build your own pedalboard

макс волков

You will learn how  to place the inter-pedal switching, how to choose power supply for the effects and to compare
digital and analog gadgets. 

Max Volkov, a consultant in the PedalZoo showroom.

How to capture the sound of an acoustic guitar

петр маланов

You will learn how  to find an ideal sound of different types of guitars (nylon, metal, jazz, semi-acoustic) and combine it with sound effects. Master-class will be useful for the solo and rhythm guitarists. 

Peter Malanov, popular Moscow acoustic guitar playe, composer and educator. One of the founders of the Russian musical school "Musical Wave".