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The Inner Universe of Electronic music composer

Jul 5, 2018


The lecture with a focus on composing issues will be interesting for entry-level and experienced composers. You will learn how to build, implement and express your philosophy and aesthetics as the composer through your music. You will find out how to overcome psychological barriers and common clichés in electronic music. Among addressed problems will be the usage of the available technical services and equipment, necessity or pointlessness for the novelties` race of the electronic tools and software, building and time control in the process of composition, the relevance of electronic and electroacoustic music today and in the future and the defining the boundaries of electronic music.

Konstantin Ilyin is the author of the Russian bestseller in 2017 "Electronic and electroacoustic music of Europe. Ninetieth. History. Aesthetics. Psychology ". Konstantin has been nominated to the Sergey Kuryokhin Award in the category of the best book about contemporary art in 2018. He is a musical critic, the PhD in philosophy, a medical psychologist, a founder and an editor-in-chief of different domestic media channels and festivals of the electronic music.