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Workshops by Learnmusic at the Moscow fair

Jul 25, 2018


Your personal manual to start playing the ukulele - a musical instrument that gains popularity in Russia. You will find out its types and will learn how to choose the best ukulele and how to tune it by yourself.

Natalia Yartseva, a head of the Studio "Ukulele Lessons". The Studio developed the author's method of teaching young children and adults specially adapted for Russian people.



The master-class is useful for both professionals and novice singers and vocalists, as well as for all those people whose profession is associated with constant communication, public speaking and any other activity that requires a good voice. 

Tatyana Shurupova, a professional singer with the 15 years experience, a teacher of both classical and modern extreme vocal techniques, the founder of the vocal Studio Voice Up! 


At this master-class you will learn how to use the harmonica and the ukulele to create a new sound in your music. 

Vladimir Kozhekin (harmonica), a leader of the Moscow harmonica movement, the founder of the largest harmonica festival in Russia. He plays the diatonic harmonica.

Sergey Fedorov (ukulele), a musician and blogger (Lenich & Kirya Youtube channel).


You will learn capabilities and types of  the diatonic harmonica. The master class will be held with the support of the Hohner harmonicas. 

Slava Vinogradov, a professional harmonica player, a musician of the popular Moscow band "Mishouris Blues Band", a Russian customizer. He creates the instruments for professional musicians from around the world. 


This master-class will be interesting for both the beginners and the musicians who playes the ukulele and wants to develop the skills.

Alexey Inshakov, a teacher, a professional musician, the laureate of the numerous competitions in Russia. He was awarded for his contribution to the development of music education.